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"IPRA was created on the promise to leverage excellence in Public Relations and the Gold World Awards reflect this ongoing quest of excellence. /…/ Dahlheim & Sjöqvist demonstrates world class capabilities and I am very proud of what they have achieved." — Christophe Ginisty, IPRA president

Dahlheim & Sjöqvist nominated in IPRA Golden World Awards in the Healthcare — Agency category. Going for the hat trick!

Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Winners in 2014 EMEA Gold SABRE Awards in the category MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY.
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist winners in IPRA Golden World Awards in the Healthcare — Agency category. Two years in a row!
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Silver Anvil Award of Excellence Winner in PRSA's (Public Relations Society of America) Silver Anvil Awards 2013 in the category MARKETING CONSUMER PRODUCTS — Health Care.
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist finalists in 2013 EMEA Gold SABRE Awards in the category MARKETING TO WOMEN.
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist Gold Winner of IPRA Golden World Awards in the Healthcare category.
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist nominated in SABRE AWARDS, in the Public Education and Pharmaceutical: RX categories
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist nominated in European Excellence Awards, the Health category
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Dahlheim & Sjöqvist finalists in the World Championship in PR; Global SABRE AWARDS, Marketing to Youth
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About Dahlheim & Sjöqvist

Dahlheim & Sjöqvist is a digital PR firm — a winning combination between engaging PR and attractive digital solutions and design. The interplay between these areas allows us to create genuine and appealing solutions. We call it Public Engagement. Our way of working with projects is a proven recipe for success: quite simply, we make sure that we always add genuine and trustworthy value for the target audience, which is the essence of engagement and commitment.

Our philosophy is to pin point and handpick the right competency for each individual project and to work in a cross-disciplinary manner with a strong foundation of senior competence within each area. In an exceedingly complex world, we believe that digital presence and social media affect not only the organization as a whole, but also consumer behavior. Therefore we feel that new ways of communication need to adapt and incorporate, on a fundamental level, Lean processes as well as HR competence in order to efficiently and genuinely target customers and communication programs. Together with a well thought out PR plan, coupled with a streamlined, beautiful and awarding user experience, there is no end to the possibilities of growth with the aid of the right online resources.

We work both traditionally and digitally;



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